Metallic Black Coarse Velour

TextureCoarse Velour
PlantPlant 6
Manufacturing MethodExtruded
SizesWidthHeightLengthThin Flat BackThin with Back GeometryUnit/Sq Ft
Modular3 5/8" | 92mm2 1/4" | 57mm7 5/8" | 194mmN/AN/A6.86
Norman3 5/8" | 92mm2 1/4" | 57mm11 5/8" | 295mmN/AN/A4.57
Economo Modular3 5/8" | 92mm3 5/8" | 92mm7 5/8" | 194mmN/AN/A4.50
Utility3 5/8" | 92mm3 5/8" | 92mm11 5/8" | 295mmN/AN/A3.00
Standards  /  Value
Avg. Comp. (PSI)15,420
Avg. 24 Hr. Cold Water Absor. 4.20
Avg. 5 Hr. Boil Absor. 4.90
Avg. Saturation Coeff.0.84
Avg. Initial Rate Absor.7.30
Test ReportDownload
Cleaning Recommendation
ProSoCo would recommend their Vanatrol® or Safety Klean® products. Diedrich recommends their 202V Vana-Stop™ or 910PM products. EaCo Chem recommends their NMD 80®. Use per the cleanser manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the recommendations in the Brick Industry Association’s (BIA) Technical Notes on Brick Construction 20.

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