city line Series Pavers


The Belden Brick Company offers several custom options in pavers to enhance the appearance of your project. City Line Series Pavers exceed concrete pavers in durability and color selection and remain colorfast for generations. Manufactured with chamfered edges and spacer lugs, City Line Series Pavers are also available in chamfered edges no lug, and square edges.

Rectangles aren't the only shapes available in our Belden Clay Pavers. You can also get standard 8 x 8 square pavers to create random pattern possibilities that further add to your look and design customization.

Watch our Proper Installation Of Clay Paver video for proper techniques in installing clay pavers and various steps to take to ensure your next paver project will provide the look and durability you desire. Contact us if you would like to see a sample or have questions.


Belden Clay Paver Styles

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT BRICK SIZE AND COLOR. Note that some of our naming conventions differ from industry standards on some brick sizes. For example, we use the term Jumbo rather than Engineer and Economo rather than Closure. On-screen colors may vary and are not necessarily precise or accurately representative of actual brick or mortar color. Selection should always be based on a sample.

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