Product Spotlight: More Than A Plain White Brick

Lighter, whiter brick has become a fast-growing mainstay color choice in architecture and home design. We’re excited to bring you four new, distinct, more than plain white brick colors for your next project – Winter Mist Sanded Rustic, Sedgemoor, Glacier White Smooth, and Glacier White Velour! From rustic touchable textured brick with layers of character to smooth surfaces and eased edges, there’s no doubt why they’re the go-to products for contemporary architectural chic.


A new season means new construction. Check out these debut colors and more of our bestselling white brick just in time for that next project.

FeaturedProductLineWht.jpg Sedgemoor-Graphic.jpg Glacier-Graphic.jpg

Brick remains a popular building material choice for interior and exterior applications among architects and designers because of its design flexibility, solid structural capabilities, and intricate detailing. As a building medium, homeowners benefit from its versatility, timelessness, and character and its durable, sustainable, and low-maintenance qualities. Top trends include white brick with white mortar, earthy tones, light charcoal, and greige. The color and cut of the brick can significantly influence the atmosphere it emanates, with white brick lending itself to a more minimalist design and neutral brick colors tending to feel more rustic and earthy. With hundreds of distinctive colors and many exclusive textures, we’ll help you design the construction of your next building to withstand the test of time. Find your local authorized Belden Brick Distributor.

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